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Well … what do you think the answer is? Is it the wide and diverse range of self-help books out there that tell you the best hidden secrets and how to act now, with clever rehashed words saying the same thing as a book you read a few books back?

Or is it that new thought provoking speaker your friend was telling you about the other day? How interesting their story was? How convincing their point of view was?

Or is it .. okay enough said 🙂 Perhaps if you just paused for a moment, sit down and live in the silence, however uncomfortable it may be – what will you hear?

My guess, is that you will start hearing the voice of the person that knows the best course of action – and that is you. There is no one else outside of you that will ever know you well enough to be able to tell you what is best for you – there are however many people out there that you help provide you the context that you need to make your decision.

Take as much advice, perspectives, facts and opinions as you need – but know them for what they are – and know that the answer will come from within – you just have to listen 🙂