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Julia Fourie | Life Coach Cape Town

Life Coaching: What Is Stopping You?

Julia Fourie, Life Coach, Cape Town

August 18 2018

Think to your last few conversations – what did you say was getting in your way? Money, time, others? What if I said to you that the main ingredient is you? Even I argue with myself on that point 😉

Let’s use an example to walk through this. Whats frustrating you at the very moment?

Let’s break it down so that right after this you take an immediate action bringing you closer to where you want to be:

1. So what is it that is frustrating you most about what you are trying to achieve?

2. What have you tried that you know won’t work?

3. What have you thought of but haven’t yet tried?

4. What else can you think of that you should try? This is a powerful step – spend some time here and try the following so that you can get at least 3 alternatives. A wonderful trick is to find analogies to help you unlock possibilities. Try this out:

Think of the obstacle as a large rock or mountain. Have you tried going around it, over it, pick it up (the rock of course!). What alternatives come up now with this analogy?

Think of yourself as a shapeshifter. Have you thought of becoming air and moving past it, water and flowing through it. What alternatives come up now with this analogy?

Do you really need to get past the rock/mountain? What is on the other side? Perhaps you could get help – a helicopter for e.g.? What alternatives come up now with this analogy?

What if there is something better behind you than in front of you? What if you chose a different path? What alternatives come up now with this analogy?

I would love to hear your stories of how this helped you take the first step. Email me at