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Julia Fourie | Life Coach Cape Town

Life Coaching Tip: Try This Small Change To Achieve Results

Julia Fourie, Life Coach, Cape Town

August 25 2018

Do you find yourself with a bunch of things you have been wanting to do but don’t get around to doing it? Me too 🙂

Often we end up getting frustrated with ourselves and feel that we are procrastinating. Let’s for a moment put aside our interpretation of what is going on and look at what is stopping us from starting right now.

Pick one of the items from your list and let’s work through it together and reflect on what has caused you not to get it done.

If its because you are you waiting for the perfect moment and perhaps find that you have been putting it aside because you need more time than you have … it sounds like a brilliant opportunity to break the task down into more manageable steps and play around with your criteria. Let’s use two examples to ground this more.

1. Are you wanting to start a new habit but have decided you need 30 minutes and so you never start because you are worried you would be interrupted, your schedule doesn’t allow it and so forth? Well, what if you change the goal of the first task to actually just “trying” the new habit and leave the “criteria of how long” as another task? It’s seeing it as different levels of competence, the first step is arriving and trying it out and the second step could be increasing time and so forth.

2. You might be wanting to choose a short list of opportunities out of a vast landscape, and while it’s important you still haven’t started. What if you see it as not the final shortlist but the first round – build a quick criteria and select the first take on who would match this. Explore these and then based on your learnings – streamline your criteria and shortlist.

Take 5 minutes right now, make that commitment to yourself and then use those 5 minutes to start the process outlined above, perhaps even try the first step – often if we break it down enough it takes far less longer than we think!

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