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Julia Fourie | Life Coach Cape Town

Startup Pitches That Prove You Can Sell Your Idea in 25 Words or Less

Julia Fourie, Life Coach, Cape Town

June 02 2020

This post was originally written by Dave Schools and appeared in and Entrepreneur’s Handbook. I was so inspired by it I picked out the first 10 from the article below.

Hubspot launched the #SummerStartup competition, a contest for anyone to win $100,000, quit their job, and start their own business.

The public was invited to pitch their business idea in 25 words or less (but not everyone below follows the rules… hmm… entrepreneurs, maybe?) in the comments of the announcing Facebook post.

Over three million views later, 14,000 people commented. The responses ranged from fascinating business ideas to strident warnings of the dangers of sharing IP publicly.

Whether you believe sharing ideas is smart or not, the insightful entrepreneurs who chose to reveal their lightbulb moments with us are an inspiration.


The 5-in-1-winner

This first one is the #1 comment on the post, probably because he managed to include five business ideas in less than 25 words. Brilliant.

“Earthquake proof office chairs

Predictive horns for cars for putting together Ikea furniture

Wearable fog machines

Bubble prediction algorithms”


A traveling mobile education system

“I want to start a mobile school that visits such villages around the year, camps there for a few months & we teach both children & grown ups. Curriculum would include not only basic education but also vocational training, so people can work/earn their living & can fight poverty. Mobile schools-workshops.”


Greenhouse prisons producing chefs out of inmates

“Turning prisons into greenhouses, utilizing low-risk prisoners as groundskeepers and gardeners, simultaneously educating them to become chefs as rehabilitation into poverty-heavy cities.”



“Skill-Swap’ is a marketplace where people trade services with one another to help achieve their goals. ‘I’ll build your website if you do my accounting?”



“‘Rent-A-Swag’” is a service where I rent out high-end clothing to teens, tweens, and everything-in-between.”


Try a job before you take it

“A try factory… somewhere you can try different professions without degrees, in real world experiences to see if it fits your life before committing to study/expensive training etc. Not everyone is an academic but people are often overlooked for things they may be skilled at for lack of confidence in them in the industries. Also in the real world people may go through years of study to arrive at a career only to decide they hate it this could help to eliminate that.”


Replace tombstones with trees

“New type of cemetery that replaces tombstones with trees to lower funeral costs, give back to the environment, and bring new life to death.”


Mobile app that let’s you talk to a Veterinarian about anything

“My idea is for a veterinary app to speak directly to professionals for any issue. And connect the individual with a vet in their area.”


Rivvibe “The Hydration Experience”

“An all natural, low sodium, low sugar, anti-inflammatory sports tea. Husband/Wife team with over 15 years professional business experience.”


The Pink Web

“I want to architect and launch the pink web. Everyone has heard of the dark web, this is it’s feminine alter ego. The Pink Web will cater to the female audience. It will be an online place for girls and woman to share, contemplate, shop, chat, and plan virtual and concrete girl centric things.”