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I’ve often thought that life is simply made up of many paradoxes and while we often fight it – it could very well be the biggest opportunity we are missing out on.

Think about it, without sorrow you simply can’t know if you are happy as you have no comparison, no reference point. Each experience, each difference gives us an opportunity to connect with ourselves more by experiencing what we want and what we don’t want, what we like and what we don’t like, what we avoid and what we grasp.

In the midst of this paradox, on the one side I’m sure you have often heard – just go with the flow, don’t be so attached to the outcome.

Lets take this to a deeper learning – we have just reflected on how things are yin and yang and you can find it in this too. If you move too far to the “going with the flow” you could be pulled by outside influence. What does this mean? Well if you are in the midst of an argument you could become tense as your focus is on going with the outside flow and here the wisdom can be found for us to reflect on.

Go with the flow, be peaceful but allow this to be driven from the inside out no matter what is going on around you. This could mean that you can sometimes seem to be at odds with what is going on around you – people yelling and screaming and you are calm – but actually you are going with the flow, in that you are not resisting it or being absorbed by it and allowing yourself to react to it. You are in fact noticing it and acknowledging it but you are not living the drama.

Small changes can have huge impact. Not all changes you make need to be huge to have a significant impact in your life. Try it now, think of the 80/20 rule what could you change now that would take 20% effort but result in 80% impact.

May your paradoxes be many 🙂