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Often we see things at face value. Let’s face it, if we spent all of our time pondering and reflecting – we might never even make it to the front door!

I think it can become dangerous for you when you don’t consciously acknowledge that there is more depth to things and continue to unwaver in your stance to the face value assessment. Sounds a bit stubborn doesn’t it 🙂

And here is the magic to be found in this quote – flexibility can be more powerful, more forceful, more irresistible and even more dangerous than stubbornness.

If you act in a predictable manner – always being stubborn then everyone knows what to expect, but if you are flexible, open-minded, willing to take in other perspectives and be accepting of others – you become unpredictable and in someways more interesting and daunting to others.

Take a moment right now to practice this. Think back to the last debate you had – where you stuck to your view?
Try out these reflections on that conversation.

1. Can you think of similar debates you have had where you stuck to your view? What patterns can you notice between those and this latest one?

2. How does it make you feel when your view is challenged?

3. What are you holding onto more than your “view” or the need to be ‘right” or the need to “not be wrong”?

4. What would happen if the conversation changed to understanding different views and no longer trying to choose the one view?

5. Would it matter if there was more than one right answer?

6. Im assuming you might say “yes” 🙂 – what makes it really matter?  What if there was no right answer but only what you choose to do?

May your path find many rights!