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How many times do we need to repeat the same old reminder “that time is limited” for us to truly get what that means?

Up to now what has it meant for you? A reminder that time is running out to get everything done that you want – so perhaps you decide to focus on making more money quicker, get in a few more meetings, climb the career ladder faster. What does this achieve?

Could it be a feeling of being rushed, losing out, not being present, not having everything, always looking ahead, missing out on what is here and now? By always focusing on the next moment you are always missing out the experience of being present in the now. By doing what you think others expect of you means that you don’t experience who you are.

My invitation to you is what if you took a different approach? What if its all about this moment right here and now, this breath you are taking, this hug from your loved one, this person in need right in front of you.

Each moment is a gift – don’t waste it by stepping out of it to think about the next moment, the next task, the next goal, the next action.

Acknowledge this moment, pause right now and as you breathe look around you and find yourself here right now.