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Often we choose what seems the smoother more comfortable action – the easier option – but we avoid taking into consideration the longer term impact, the consequence of the easier choice.

Its not that the easier choice is always wrong and the difficult choice is always right but its about how we go about choosing. In life we find ourselves in a fast pace environment and we quickly try to separate experience and choices into positive or negative, good or bad, right or wrong, truth or lie.

Once you have made this decision, you would naturally gravitate to what then seems to be the positive action – but what is the action that you are thinking of, … in most cases its the very next step we you are taking – and not all the steps.

What if you paused and took a moment to think about all the steps (think of actions and the consequences) you need to take you? You will find that the choice you make will be more powerful, more thought through and you will be far more committed to the decision with fewer regrets. Why you might ask? Well because you took the time to consciously stop and make the decision.

Try this out on the next choice:

1. Make your decision as you normally do. Now before you act on it answer these questions …

2. What is it that you are trying to achieve (your goal)?

3. How does your decision support / work against this goal?

4. What could you do differently to be more aligned with this goal?

5. What is stopping you from doing this?

6. Given what you have learned what will you adjust in your decision.

May your conscious decision making be many 🙂