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I find for myself one of the most uncomfortable places that I can be is in the unknown, that foggy sticky place where you can’t rely on your senses like your normally do and the mind starts to sound like Stephen King narrating one of his most troubling and terrifying horrors.

You can imagine if you experience simply a small part of this, you would focus your energy on getting out of there, however this is where the real magic happens. It does sound like a horror doesn’t it where the bad guy is between you and freedom 🙂

Back to the magic and how could you start to get a taste of it? What if you could change your judgement of this “not knowing place” – this would allow yourself a few more moments there or even longer.

Think of it like this, if you focus is on getting things right – that is what you learn – the art of getting things right (and not the figuring out things), whereas if you find yourself trying and failing, trying and failing – what do you learn? You learn to be adaptable, creative, open to failure, open to having to rethink and being persistent. Can you see the value in both worlds?

So next time you feel that uncomfortable not knowing place, try this out:

1. The most simplest thing that you can do and works every time is just literally pause and breathe.

2. Now that you have taken a breathe, take another few and literally look around – this would be things like:

3. Listen to your thoughts? What is happening here?

4. Experience your body? What sensations are at the forefront? Tightness perhaps?

5. Feel your emotions? How do you feeling?

6. Now compare your thoughts with your feelings and your body. Are they in alignment? In this case they might very well be 😉

7. Start with your mind and remind yourself that it is okay to be uncomfortable for just awhile.

8. Move onto loosing any tense areas in your body.

9. Try smiling and breathing, its amazing how that can soothe you.

10. Before you run away, take a few more moments to “think things through”, “take a chance”, “try and fail”.

May your searches be many 🙂