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Business coach tip

Giving up the now for the sake of a future possibility has become our way of being.

Much like the quote, we often find ourselves lost to the future and not lost in the moment.

What if we could start to enjoy the journey, each step we take, notice what we pass, inhale the scent of the flowers and just breathe.

In today’s world … well that sounds rather frivolous and one might even say a waste of time?

But what if that was the whole point – to become present to the moment in order to experience yourself and consciously choose your next step rather than letting life choose it for you?

Said differently, by not being present you give up a part of yourself and allow life to happen to you compared to you deciding what path you will take – what decisions you make, what you will do.

With that purpose in mind, try taking back your power with this first step to getting you to the present moment.

1.  Take a few deep breathes.

2 As you get comfortable with this, start noticing your surroundings.

3 Notice the sounds.

4 What can you smell.

5 How does your body feel.

6 Try to count each breath. When you get to 10 start over.

7 Once you notice your mind wondering just start counting from 1 again.

Yes it’s as simple and as difficult as that.

May your nows be many.