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Julia Fourie | Life Coach Cape Town
Life Coaching Tip: Stop Auto-Piloting Your Life By Focusing On The End
Julia Fourie, Life Coach, Cape Town
November 27 2017
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Being a life coach I have been privileged to explore many inspiring and forever changing topics with you. Lets get started on todays journey.

I’ve often experienced much frustration and angst when I feel things are taking just to long and I am not reaching my end goal. My mood changes, how I interact with those around me changes, I start to see less beauty around me and my vision starts to narrow to the task at hand. Sound familiar?

Often looking back, what I remember more is what I gave up in order to get to that end goal, or I remember nothing else in my life except the focus on that goal. While there are definitely times this comes in handy, can we truly motivate that every single goal or task has to be tackled in this manner? Absolutely no way.

Life is about appreciating the moments we live in not about auto-piloting to the next moment. Imagine if our whole life was one or the other – we would simply just not know the difference. I am thankful that I have that comparison as it makes being in the moment so much more sweeter.

And this beautiful quote by Wayne reminds us that there is a time and place to focus on each step and to truly enjoy that step. We are forever thinking about what the ultimate goal is, examples that come to mind are, people asking you when are in primary school what you are going to do one day, when you get married – you are asked when are you going to have kids, when you are working – you are asked when you are going to retire. Of course its helpful to know the path (goal) else you might run around in circles! The magic here is to take notice of the path, what is on the path, if you stop along the path what do you find, how are you feeling, do you need a break.

Auto-pilot can be very exhilarating as you are able to be less distracted and get what you feel is important completed. It can also become very addictive, that feeling of accomplished and focusing on the next item to tick off. Remember that there are only few things in life that is a true emergency when you need to narrow your vision and get it done and there are many many experiences in life you miss when you treat your whole life as an emergency.

How about we take this insight a step further and see how you can begin being your own “life coach” and enjoy the moment? Start with the following simple 3 steps:

While you are taking a deep breath – notice what is going on around you?
What can you smell, hear and feel?
How are you feeling? How is your body feeling? What is your mind thinking?
Think of something that makes you smile. Take another breath and smile.

May your pauses be often 🙂

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