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Integral Coach, Business Mentor & Growth Enabler


As an integral Coach I work with individuals, teams, business owners and executive leaders. I support clients in attaining the personal and professional growth they are striving for, in diverse areas like communication, confidence, achieving balance, inner peace and personal growth.


As a mentor, I work with entrepreneurs to help them in the areas that together we define as stumbling blocks or potential risk areas. Together we would establish what is required to overcome this and develop the appropriate plan and track the implementation of this over a period of time.

Growth Enabler

As an Enabler, the focus is on ensuring that you gain momentum in your business, career or personal life. To achieve this we need to reach decisions through exploring the difficulties and opportunities and overlaying these with possible outcomes based on our experience.

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My sense of adventure and curiosity in life has led me to being involved in different walks of life – from running a venture capital company focusing on growing and selling start-ups to an integral coach to help support you to unlock your potential.

Connect with me if you want to grow personally or if you want to achieve bigger business goals, developing new insights, clarifying your thoughts or accelerating your growth.

Collaborating with you would allow us to walk a path together that still has to be created much like a writer who has a story to tell and is eager to begin as he himself does not quite know how it will end until he gets there. What the writer like you does know is that what becomes known can not be unknown and will forever change you.

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