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I love this quote and use it as a reminder to me of how much we are in our head and because we know it by implication we assume others do as well.

The reality is that what we think is for our head space only while others don’t get to hear this unless we choose to do so.

How often have you had such a fleeting thought of feeling grateful for something or someone and not said it? How different do you think the experience would be for both of you if you said it?

Do you think they might feel appreciated? Might be encouraged to do it again? Be able to understand what your likes are?

How different would you feel about them once you said it? Would you perhaps have an expectation of them to say something back? And if they didn’t? How would you feel?

We live such delightfully rich lives with so much hidden paths to discover and yet how often do we pass this by in pursuit of the next goal.

My gift to you today is to open the present, find the hidden paths, explore 🙂