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I read a quote the other day that to be honest if it had a hand would of struck me in the face 😉 It goes like this … When you are through changing, you are through!
It came as things do at the most appropriate time and reminded me that life isn’t as much about the finish line as the journey to get there and actually as soon I no longer experienced change, life would become pretty uninspiring rather quickly.

Imagine no change – that would mean the night wouldn’t end, the tears would continue to fall, the pain never ceasing. In fact imagine laughing all the time, always running and forever being inspired. How does one really know you are experiencing that if there is no change, no contrast?

Does that mean you should be enjoying and welcoming the transitions, not really. It can be a difficult time, extremely uncomfortable.

Lets take an analogy that I read recently to make more sense of this….

Sometimes it can feel like you’re cruising along the waters of life with great forward momentum and then your boat runs aground and suddenly everything comes to a screeching halt. The tide has gone out and the fog has come in. You’re too far from your starting point to go back and too far from your destination to doggie-paddle to it with your last bits of energy. You’re stuck. You’re stranded.

Where are you? What do you do now?

This is actually a magical place, “the space between”—between where you were last and where you are going. Imagine if you paused here – and what if that pausing allows you to get crystal clear on some specifics before you continue on. It feels hard and scary, believe me I know. All the certainties you enjoyed are suddenly uncertainties. You have questions and no answers. Your path is unclear for the first time, and you aren’t even sure if the map you were following to begin with is correct anymore. You question everything.

The idea (not so easy though!!!) is to settle into the space between. Trust that the unknown will become the known. Let go of control (yikes I know right!).

But just as much as the thoughts above are difficult, I also know that the tide will come back in, the fog will lift, you’ll see clearly again, and the journey will continue. And change will come about.