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Albert Einstein
Strange you might think, well let me tell you why I think that way and how you should try this approach as much as you can in your business. Being in Venture Capital the focus is on early stage companies with high growth potential and its generally thought that 1 out of 10 investments will hit the lights out. What they also say is there will be some failures and the reality is if we only invested in sure things then our returns will be more certain. If the return is far more predictable and certain it reduces and in some cases removes the possibility for high crazy returns and of course for failure. Simple lesson from Albert Einstein, an exceptionally gifted man, is that you cant try anything new if you want to avoid mistakes. Taking this to a business, if you intention is to grow, that in itself will be something new for your business. Growth in your business could result in some of the following firsts: 1. Highest revenue figures 2. Highest number of customers 3. Highest cash flow demands 4. Highest number of staff needed All of this brings about new demands and new structures for your business and if you continue with the old patterns bottlenecks will start and your business will struggle. So what can you practically incorporate into your business right now? Well, how about a simple question to ask yourself with each decision you make and it can look something like this: Reflecting on the decision I am going to make, what possible opportunity am I missing out on? What am I avoiding?