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Julia Fourie | Business Coach Cape Town
Business Coach Tip: Create Your Own Expectations
Julia Fourie, Business Coach, Cape Town
November 27 2017
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I often thought running a Venture Capital fund ruined me when it comes to being able to focus on only one company but provides a natural platform as a business coach and mentor.
With that birds eye view in mind, lets use todays topic to help your business grow.

Many of us look for the tangible things to help grow a business and to be fair its the easiest to find. I have found one of the key successes to growing your business or in fact anything in life is what your expectations are.

Lets take a simple example, a movie. If you go and watch a movie because others recommended it to you – naturally your expectation level has been increased and now the movie has to compete with this – and this explains why you often find you come out of the movie thinking what was everybody raving about.

There is a wealth of complexity in expectation levels as if you take the same example, remember your expectation levels isn’t the same as others.
So the person recommending the movie to you might have a lower or higher expectation level than you which will also impact how they describe the movie to you, thereby influencing your expectation levels and the result influencing the final experience you have.

The great news is the converse is true as well. If everybody is telling you not to watch a movie, I can guarantee you that if you do go and watch it – it won’t be as bad an experience for you as for them as you have already adjusted your expectation levels. Often you might actually secretly have enjoyed the movie 🙂

Taking this back to business, so what Arnold is saying is that match your expectations to your actions. If you want to achieve success you can’t just stand there and expect it to happen. You have to work at it and sometimes along the way it might seem like you are never going to get there but keep on watching yourself and your expectations.

If from the outset you believe its going to be easy you might be setting yourself up for failure as if things start to get difficult you might see that as an indication it is never going to work and give up earlier than you need to. And yes, the converse is true too – if you from the outset believe this is going to be extremely difficult you might find that – long after everyone else has packed up and gone home, you are still spending time and money on something.

How about we take these insights a step further and see how you can begin being your own “business coach” right now? Lets start with these

What are you feeling negative about in your business? What isn’t working?
Reflect on what you expectations are about how things should of been or what it needs to be?
Review the expectations and make sure they are measurable, if not, add a measurement to it.
Audit these measurable to see how realistic they are – don’t only use yourself, check in with others, do research, compare against what the market is doing, create some benchmarking.

Match these results to your expectations and readjust your expectations.

Let’s discuss your goals