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Through Coaching and Mentoring I help you make sense of your world, your business, your life, your career, yourself to allow you to make conscious choices. Choices that enable you to be more aligned within yourself, your relationships with others and how you impact the world.

Life Coaching

I will support you in attaining the personal growth you are striving for, in diverse areas like communication, confidence, balance, inner peace and more.

Leadership Mentoring

As a mentor, I work with you to identify stumbling blocks or potential opportunity or risk areas and establish a strategy to help you focus on these areas.

Goal Setting

formulate, set, and make progress toward goals by following an action plan.

Establishing Priorities

Define your personal values (what things matter to you right now) or would like to change.

Stress Management

Stress management coaching teaches you many reliable ways to manage your stress.

Work/Life Balance

Restore the balance between your life and work & maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.

Coaching can work in almost any aspect unless you would like to learn through advice, by someone sharing what they did and recommending how you should proceed (similar to mentoring). Some ideas of coaching topics include: reducing stress, achieving better balance, improving relationships, career choices, career improvement; life purpose and more.

How can you determine if coaching is right for you?
Since coaching is a partnership, ask yourself whether collaboration, other viewpoints, and new perspectives are valued. Also, ask yourself whether you or your business is ready to devote the time and the energy to making real changes. If the answer is yes, then coaching may be a beneficial way to grow and develop.
How does coaching & mentoring differ?
There are many ways to describe this and even more different opinions. For me, a useful way to see this is as follows:

A mentor can be seen as a sounding board, they will give you advice based on the expert and relevant experience they have accumulated in relation to the topic at hand.

A coach fundamentally believes you know what is required in order to make the changes relevant to the discussion and will help you to develop the tools needed to be able to access this knowledge.

What are the benefits of using a coach?
The ICF has a comprehensive page providing you with some great points on the benefits of coaching. You can find this information at
How is Coaching Delivered?
The sessions are held in person where you feel most comfortable. Each session lasts for approximately 1 hour. However, the first two sessions can generally last for up to 2 hours.

A personalized program is provided to you after each session, starting from session 2, which allows you to continue to focus on the goals in between sessions.

Each person and the situation is unique, however as a guideline, we would normally meet every 3 weeks.

How long does a coach work with an individual?
An impactful and lasting change will take at least 6 months or longer. The depth of the goals and what is required to accomplish them impacts the length of the coaching program and therefore the minimum time one can expect is 3 months.
What does coaching ask of an individual?
As the person being coached, you need to be committed to the process and at all times feel comfortable to express your needs and how you are experiencing the process.

In between sessions, you would need to commit time to be able to complete the reflection work; this would on average be between 15 to 30 minutes of your time.

How can the success of the coaching process be measured?
During the first few sessions, we establish the goals and these are continuously reviewed and adjusted where needed.

Growing Together

As an Enabler, my focus is on ensuring that you gain momentum in your business, career or personal life. To achieve this we need to reach decisions by exploring the difficulties and opportunities and overlaying these with possible outcomes based on our experience.

I’ve been helping individuals and leaders see clarity both for themselves and their businesses by offering free email advice regularly. Don’t miss out!


“Working with Julia has “nudged” me to look deeper in to myself, which is not something I do or even want to do often. She shows me that it is necessary for this process to happen in order for me to be my most complete self. The process is on-going, but the revelations along the way has been great thus far and I am learning with each session.”

“Julia is very intelligent and made a real effort to understand the issues at hand. The proposed solutions were easy to implement and more importantly, it worked. Julia comes with a wealth of experience which will benefit any business. She is very much to the point, very efficient and I can only but highly recommend her to anyone.”

“I have taken the journey of self-improvement and discovery and had Julia partner with me as my life coach. Julia has been the most patient and non-judgemental person I have come to know. She is professional, but has made me feel like she is a friend and a wiser sister, Although she is younger than I, I trust her completely.”

“Julia approaches our coaching with an honest sense of warmth, fun and caring about my personal development, along with a clear focus on continual progress at the appropriate pace. She has proven to be a great listener, honing into specific problem areas then working with me to create tailored plans to help challenge my thinking and realise alternative approaches to tackle them. I have become more self-aware and better equipped to tackle work and personal life challenges, which has added significant value to me professionally – the outcomes have even been positively acknowledged by those who work with me! I very much enjoy our coaching sessions, for which she is always well-prepared, and appreciate her ongoing input into my journey of personal development.”


“When I first reached out to Julia for coaching, I thought the process would be simple; I thought I would come out with answers. I couldn’t have been further than the truth. Every session I leave with more questions as we go deeper into the things which are holding me and my business back. Doing self-work is hard – you’re intentionally walking towards uncomfortable truths about yourself – and I am grateful I have Julia as my steadfast, patient supporter on this journey”


“I have worked with Julia for a year or more. It has helped me expand my options, clarify the vision for my business and to get started on overwhelming goals that were important but difficult to make significant progress with. Julia is kind and insightful and has been an enormous support to me as I have transformed my business the past two years.”


Professional Achievements


Led over R170 million venture capital investments

Exited Investments with total transaction values in excess of R1 billion

Held non-executive directorships for over 15 companies across different industries

Certified Director with Institute of Directors

Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation


Coaching individuals & business leaders for over 5 years

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Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

My sense of adventure and curiosity in life has led me to be involved in different walks of life – from running a venture capital company focusing on growing and selling start-ups to an integral coach to help support you to unlock your potential.

Connect with me if you want to grow personally or if you want to achieve bigger business goals, developing new insights, clarifying your thoughts or accelerating your growth. Collaborating with you would allow us to walk a path together that still has to be created much like a writer who has a story to tell and is eager to begin as he himself does not quite know how it will end until he gets there.

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